Friday, April 23, 2010

What Ruined My Australian Vacation
On the very last day of my two-week vacation in Australia - I visited the famous big 'rock'.
After arriving at a scenic summit my wife said, "Oh look, an aborigine - lets go talk to him."
Feeling a little unease, I said sure - and we walked over to him and started a conversation.
Speaking in perfect English, the man said, "Hello, I am the chief of my people and I've come here to ask you some questions."
"Oh, how wonderful," said my wife; giddy with excitement.
The chief continued:
"When I was a young boy my granfather told me about his trip to this place. He described for me some scary things, and I wonder if they are still true. Will you take a moment to answer my questions?"
"Certainly we will!", answered my wife for both of us.
"My granfather said that in your tribe every day starts with getting into a horse and buggy and spending up to 30 minutes waiting to go to a place of work."
"Actually," I piped in, "there's no horse and buggy anymore; today we call those cars. But in principle its the same; except 30 minutes sounds like a fantasy. Sometimes in takes me hours just to get to work."
"I see", said the chief, "and when you get to your work, is it still true that you work all day long and come home when the sun is down?"
"Yes, that is still the same, except now my boss calls me on the cell phone and gives me more work to do via email."
"Hmmm.", Said the cheif. "Well so long."
"Wait!" I said, "I've got a question for you; why do you know so little about us and yet you speak perfect English?"
"Funny you should ask", said the cheif, "In my tribe we collect the best ideas from other cultures and make them our own. For years now in my tribe we've been watching DVDs of your 'Comedians'. Frankly, they are the only part of your world that makes any sense to us."
And with that he left.
With my wife.


Blogger Michael Cummings said...

Ba-da-bum! Remember to tip your waitresses folks!

3:26 PM  
Blogger Dan Hamilton said...

You can find Zen in the strangest places.

4:19 PM  
Blogger John Brown said...

Moral of this joke is about requirements. People live with them unmet so often that they'll literally leap at the opportunity to see them met for real. This joke was the opening joke in a proposal I pitched recently; where existing requirements were clearly not met.

1:52 PM  

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