Monday, March 14, 2011

The Jokes That Didn't Make the Cut

Recently my 10-year-old son had to put together a comedy skit for his school's talent show. So he and his classmate decided to do a "Weekend-Update" style skit where they do 'joke' news.

In the process of helping them out I came up with a remix on some oldies-but-goodies that didn't quite meet the PG rating that is required of their venue.

Here's that section that got cut:
Just 2 Days after Wiki-Leaks announced their intent to leak church secrets;
the Catholic church this morning announced their secret formula for Holy Water.

You start with regular water: then you boil the hell out of it.

Not to be outdone, the Greek Orthodox Church announced their secret formula for extra-virgin olive oil.

Your start with regular olive oil: then you boil the F@#K out of it.


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

I'm Not Waiting For Superman

The movie Waiting for Superman is very good, and definitely a must-see for parents with elementary school age kids.

Sadly, while they did present some wonderful teachers in that movie, they neglected to mention the man who is arguably the best public school teacher that ever lived. I mean, of course, Jaime Escalante, of Stand and Deliver fame (another movie I highly recommend).

They also neglected to mention the excellent work being done at the Khan Academy. Even Bill Gates uses that stuff with his kids.

For my own son, I'm looking to use quite a lot of the content that Salman Khan has put together. Best of all; its free!

So even when you are stuck with a crappy public school system, like my family is; there's still a lot you can do.

No need to wait for superman.

But see the movie anyway!